Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sponsorship and advertising with The Green IT Review

For almost five years The Green IT Review has been providing news, comment and analysis on the challenges and opportunities for the ICT industry as businesses address the issues of climate change and a more sustainable economy.

The content has been provided free to a wide readership that’s as interested as I am in how the ICT sector, and broader cleantech industries, will adapt and change.

To help maintain the current output as the market develops and also bring you more information on products and services aimed at this market, from now on a limited number of sponsored posts and advertisements will appear in the blog.

The aim is that any promotional content will fit with the topic coverage and views of the site, but also give readers access to additional, relevant material.

For advertisers, the blog offers a readership that is concerned about the role of business in limiting climate change and in particularly the part that technology can play. Blog topics include the sustainability of IT operations, new technology to address climate change, the role of IT in cleantech industries such as smart grids, and ICT solutions for climate change adaption. Coverage includes technology trends, vendor activities, industry initiatives and government legislation.

If you would like to support The Green IT Review through a sponsored blog or by advertising on the site, then call or email me for more details.

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