Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Cisco has launched smart grid solution developer programme

Cisco V2Last week Cisco launched a smart-grid focused developer programme which will provide its partners with access to tools, resources and go-to-market support. Called the Connected Grid Cisco Developer Network (CDN) community, it will help partners to develop smart grid solutions that integrate with the Cisco GridBlocks architecture and Connected Grid capabilities.

Cisco has detailed the way that it will work with partners, including:

  • Cisco and/or partner will certify products as interoperable and partners may list the product as ‘Cisco Compatible’.
  • Cisco and the partner products can share data through an API, allowing solutions to be built on top of the Cisco network.
  • Cisco will license technology to be embedded into the partner product. Cisco supports the partner to develop their solution and certifies its compatibility.

There’s more details about the potential collaboration here.

Cisco has already negotiated Connected Grid CDN agreements with Alstom Grid, Alvarion, BitStew, Cooper Power Systems, DNV KEMA, Elster, InfoBlox, Itron, LogRhythm, M2M Telemetria, Meinberg, OSIsoft, Proximetry, QinetiQ, Space-Time Insight, Subnet Solutions and Symmetricom.


Review:  There’s a lot of ICT in smart grids and its clearly in Cisco’s interests to be at the centre of developments. The company made its name from providing much of the network equipment on which the internet was built, so wants to achieve the same sort of success with smart grids.

It’s been more than two years since Cisco launched its first purpose-built smart grid solutions, but this is a fragmented and diverse market. The aim here is to try and establish the company as the glue that connects all the other products and services that might (or might not) win a stake in what will be a huge opportunity.

Its early days yet, though, and the market is still wide open. Cisco is going to have to fight hard to keep ahead of the large (and still expanding) number of companies competing in the smart grid networking and communications space.

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