Thursday, 4 October 2012

GreenQloud goes public with its renewable energy cloud service

imageAlthough it has been in beta test for some time, GreenQloud has now officially launched its public compute cloud and data storage services, hosted at renewable energy-powered facilities. The company is committed to green IT and sustainability, using the label Truly Green to emphasise its mission to achieve a cleaner IT industry.

The new cloud service has the advantage that it’s based in Iceland, a country that has 100% renewable geothermal and hydro energy infrastructure and a cool climate. But the Truly Green philosophy covers four aspects:

  • Running a sustainable public cloud that’s 100% carbon neutral
  • Using renewable energy, not carbon offsets
  • Enabling customers to monitor their energy metrics and carbon savings in real time
  • Ensuring credibility and full environmental management by ISO 14001 certification


The focus is not just renewable energy, though. The company says it will look to find new ways to offer better services in the greenest way possible, whether through cleaner energy resources or more efficient hardware.

It also plans to partner with other cloud service providers who will offer their services – PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and DBaaS (Database-as-a-Service) – on top of GreenQloud’s infrastructure. The idea is that all levels of the services will help make a client’s business more efficient and the IT industry more environmentally responsible.


Review:  GreenQloud is on a mission to create a greener IT industry. Two aspects of its philosophy impress me. Firstly, it has turned its back on carbon offsets. Regular readers will know my own concerns about the use of offsets, which at best are a limited, short-term solution to mitigating carbon emissions.

Secondly, the company says it will ‘strongly advocate and evangelise’ the adoption of renewable energy power in IT. ‘We will push the IT industry conversation to be more educated and enlightened about the renewable resources available today and actively engage in building services that provide greener options while we source additional renewable resources for a more sustainable future’.

On the other hand, the cynic in me notes that GreenQloud starts with a significant advantage over other cloud providers - the fact that it’s based in Iceland. There aren’t many places with the same availability of renewable energy and a cool climate. The company is pushing from a position of strength, but at least its pushing.

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