Thursday, 8 November 2012

Fujitsu announces a cloud-based energy audit solution

FujitsuAt Fujitsu Forum 2012, the company’s two-day event in Munich which ended today, Fujitsu announced a new cloud-based solution to help European companies comply with forthcoming energy audit requirements. Fujitsu Eco Track is designed to allow European businesses to easily manage their energy audits, which will soon become mandatory.

Last month the European Parliament passed into law the EU Energy Efficiency Directive which will require all companies with more than 250 employees or €50m turnover to perform energy usage audits. National implementation will vary, but audits could become mandatory as early as 2013 in countries with stricter laws, such as Germany and the UK.

Fujitsu has a head start with Eco Track because the company has been supporting Japanese customers’ similar energy audit requirements for more than 10 years. The software can capture all the information required to support the audit process and ensure compliance with the Directive.

Running on the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform, Eco Track will support multiple languages, ISO norms and EU laws so that companies are ready to demonstrate compliance and leverage any tax breaks. In the first release, scheduled for early 2013, the software will be available in English and German, with more European languages to follow.


Review:  It’s not the first time that Fujitsu has benefitted from its Japanese heritage when it comes to energy monitoring and management - the company’s lean manufacturing background gives it a head start. It has also adopted a broad approach to Green IT from the outset, not just looking at what it can achieve internally, but also referencing the extent to which it can help it’s customers (and their customers) become more sustainable.

But there are also a lot of other companies offering energy monitoring and management solutions that will no doubt incorporate the EU legislation requirements in their software. Fujitsu may benefit from its early focus, but others will soon follow and it remains to be seen when the legislation will actually be introduced into national laws. Given the current UK government’s prevarication around all things green, it may not actually be implemented in the UK for several years yet.

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