Thursday, 13 December 2012

‘Energy awareness campaign in a box’ for enterprises

Worldview Learning, a company that provides energy awareness campaigns for businesses, has launched a complete solution for engaging employees in energy awareness. The solution is based on the company’s 'discover' platform, a cloud-based interactive 3D learning environment that can be used to encourage energy savings across an enterprise’s workforce and across multiple sites.

The ‘Energy Awareness Campaign In A Box’ includes multi-user access to the company’s eLearning and Knowledge platform, the creation of customised campaign branding, a programme of incentivised competitions and prize-giving, and a touch-screen reception kiosk designed to showcase energy reduction commitments to clients and visitors.


Enterprises also have the option to add energy metering, monitoring and targeting software and information services to the core package, to maximise energy measurement awareness and cost savings.

The platform is based on an enterprise’s building or campus, allowing web-based users to navigate through the interior and exterior of their own facility and learn how they can help to save energy. Information hotspots and pop-up energy tips proactively appear and are customisable through the online platform. The solution comes complete with seven eLearning modules targeted at all organisational levels, with a short multiple choice quiz to check and reinforce learning outcome and award a campaign-branded certificate when completed.

Worldview Learning director Dan Saxton said: “Staff awareness and engagement with organisational energy and carbon goals is absolutely crucial – for ensuring commitment, behaviour transformation and, ultimately, delivering transformative savings for businesses. With our ‘Energy Awareness Campaign In A Box’, we are providing a powerful and cost-effective platform that enables even the largest enterprises to roll out tailored energy efficiency programmes that empower employees and produce tangible results.”


Review:  It sounds like a great idea from this Coventry University Technology Park-based company.

It’s undoubtedly true that no corporate energy-saving or emissions reduction scheme (or any other sustainability initiative for that matter) can be successful without the buy-in of employees. Unless staff understand the aims and support the initiatives it’s unlikely that targets will be reached.

So the ability to acquire the basic tools to engage and educate the workforce means that the internal communications programme can be implemented that much more easily and quickly. It’s also aimed at all levels, so the message goes to all parts of the operation.

It’s an interesting aspect of green IT. Not addressing the emissions themselves, but providing support to the people that will make a difference through their actions.

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