Wednesday, 13 February 2013

3 in 1 ‘magic’ USB cable – the more sustainable option?

I’ve received information on what looks like a nifty piece of kit. Maker Innergie claims it can be used to charge or sync 10,000 digital devices and can do away with multiple cables.

It’s the Magic Cable Trio, from ‘Power Technology’ company Innergie, a USB cable which is compatible with a wide range of devices. There are three cable ends built in to one 20cm power and sync cable - Apple, Mini USB and Micro USB.



With Micro USB recognised as the standard for all major mobile phone manufacturers this part of the connector can charge a Blackberry, HTC or other Smartphone. The Apple plug works with iPhone, iPad and iPod and the Mini USB option works with digital cameras, Smartphones and MP3 players.

The cable has been designed so that each of the three tips remains connected to the cable even when not in use – each can slot into the other, so never gets lost. RRP in the UK is almost £20, so not cheap.


Review:  OK so I’m sure there are other adapters on the market with similar capabilities and claims, but this looks like a very neat solution. Any such cable/adapter that can reduce the need for multiple connectors must be a more sustainable option.

The problem is that most devices come with their own cables anyway, so buying one of these could actually generate more waste in the long run. What we really need is the ability to refuse to take the cables that are offered with phones and other electronic devices. In a recent pilot, O2 offered phones without a charger and over 80% of those who bought the phones were quite happy, so it can be done.

And no, this is not a sponsored post and I haven’t been given one of these devices.

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