Monday, 11 February 2013

Emerson teams with IBM for data centre efficiency software

Emerson Network PowerEmerson Network Power and IBM are joining forces to provide a data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) solution which they say will deliver increased energy, operational efficiency and improved IT service delivery. The solution will IBM Logo 2combine the capabilities of Emerson’s Trellis platform with IBM IT service management (ITSM) software to optimise the management of data centre resources.

The integrated solution will provide real-time visibility from IT applications through infrastructure components all the way to the power grid. The information can be used to improve energy efficiency and space and capacity utilisation, enable problem management and resource provisioning, and improve operational efficiency. The combined capabilities will also enable data centre managers to understand the costs of running an application using metrics such as watts per workload, calculate its resource demands in real-time, and dynamically provision physical and logical resources to support the application efficiently and cost-effectively.

The press release quotes Gartner’s figures that DCIM is an estimated $450m market today and expected to grow to $1.7bn by 2016.


Review:  A DCIM solution effectively monitors and manages a data centre’s critical systems. But solutions are increasingly concentrating on the management of resources, particularly energy, as the power used by data centres has become a focus of attention.

There are a range of solutions addressing the management of data centre power, from existing and new vendors and using a variety of approaches. It’s no surprise that a lot of suppliers are piling into the market, given the Gartner market figures – they show a compound annual growth rate of over 55% for the next three years.

But this Emerson/IBM collaboration has two industry heavyweights coming together, with IBM reselling Emerson’s Trellis platform as its DCIM solution. They make a formidable alliance in this market.

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