Thursday, 21 February 2013

Siemens enters the data centre management solutions market

SiemensSiemens has launched a new Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Solution called Datacenter Clarity.  The solution is Siemens’ first offering in the DCIM space and signals the company’s move into the broader data centre arena. Siemens says that Datacenter Clarity bridges the gap between IT and facility management.

The focus on data centres will pull together the company’s existing expertise in building automation, power distribution, product lifecycle management, fire safety, and security.

“Not many companies can match us when it comes to providing and integrating all of the technologies and services needed for today’s data centres,” said John Kovach, Siemens’ new Global Head of Data Centres. “We truly believe that we are the only company that can provide such a broad foundation of proven experience.”


Review:  It’s no surprise to see Siemens offering a DCIM solution, the surprise is that it hasn’t done it sooner. The company is already heavily involved in various energy efficiency and renewable energy-related markets, including smart grids, smart cities and electric vehicles.

Most relevant is the Siemens’ focus on smart buildings, where it offers a managed services solution. This new offering extends the smart building capability to cover the most power hungry facilities – data centres – calling on the company’s particular expertise in power distribution and cooling systems.

It’s probably not a complete coincidence that Siemens’ announcement was not long after Emerson Network Power and IBM said that they are joining forces to provide a DCIM solution which they say will deliver increased energy, operational efficiency and improved IT service delivery.  DCIM is a green IT market area where a number of small, innovative companies have had some success, but it now looks like the major IT players have seen the opportunity and are moving in.

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