Monday, 18 February 2013

Virgin Media uses fleet management to enhance environmental performance

imageUK phone, TV and internet service provider Virgin Media has implemented an enterprise fleet management solution to help reduce its environmental impact.  The SageQuest imagesolution, from Fleetmatics, will provide fuel reduction in Virgin Media’s 2,600 vehicle fleet serving the UK and Ireland.

The management reporting tools provided by SageQuest allow for reductions in fuel usage and also enable improvements in driver safety and customer service. Fuel saving features include monitoring of engine idling and a provision for alerts that helps drivers avoid traffic congestion.

SageQuest combines Garmin vehicle navigation systems and Google maps capabilities to provide street views and help drivers identify their destinations. These tools ensure better customer service through better response times and give greater reliability to employers when scheduling fleet activities.

Maurice Daw, Executive Director—Access, Virgin Media, said that the company expects immediate impact from the implementation, citing a 2012 study by Argonne National Laboratory that reported one hour of idling is equivalent to 25 miles of driving by the typical fleet vehicle.

Safety improvements are made possible by SageQuest’s real-time ability to monitor for speeding, fast cornering, hard braking and excessive acceleration. Management alerts are available to prompt actions that discourage these behaviours, which are known to increase the likelihood of traffic accidents.


Review:  Making a vehicle fleet more fuel efficient is an obvious way to improve corporate environmental performance. The only surprise is that more companies are not adopting these sorts of solutions, given the potential cost savings and the additional safety and service enhancements they can provide.

I suspect such solutions will get growing attention, though. This is, I think, the first high profile sale for SageQuest, which only launched in the UK in October 2012. Apparently the company is already ‘speaking to a lot of big clients’.

But they have competition from other suppliers of similar solutions already established in the UK - I have reported on a US company GreenRoad. The competition between them, and other companies adding functionality to more traditional fleet management solutions, should raise market awareness.

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