Monday, 25 March 2013

Green Datacenter AG wins data centre energy efficiency award

imageGreen Datacenter AG has won the Watt d’Or in the Buildings and space category for its energy-efficient data centre in Lupfig. The Watt d’Or is the quality hallmark for energy excellence awarded by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy.

The award is for the construction and operation of their newest data centre, greenDatacenter Zurich West in Lupfig, which was officially opened in spring 2011. As well as the energy-optimised architecture and state-of-the-art heat exchangers and air conditioning units, there is also a DC distribution system developed and installed by ABB which is said to make it the most powerful DC-based data centre in the world. It uses 380 volt direct current throughout, including for individual servers, doing away with the need for high-loss conversions between direct and alternating current, saving up to 20% on energy used.

The data centre in Lupfig is ABB's international showcase for demonstrating the advantages of direct current technology.

The aim of the Watt d’Or is to publicise and promote energy-saving achievements to business, politicians and the public. A total of 74 applications were received in five categories and 24 were nominated for the shortlist and were judged by a panel from research, government, business, architecture, trade associations and environmental groups.

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