Monday, 18 March 2013

Windows Store offers green IT apps

MicrosoftAccording to a post in Microsoft’s Green Blog, the Windows Store now has a number of apps specifically aimed at helping people understand and measure their Windows PC’s energy use.

The Windows Store is the Microsoft alternative to the Mac App Store. It’s a platform for finding out what desktop applications are certified to run on Windows 8, but also a means for obtaining the new type of apps - either free or paid for – that run on Windows 8 or Windows RT, Microsoft’s operating system for (ARM chip-based) tablets.

For example, the Microsoft Windows Energy Calculator is a free app from Green IT Software that lets users compare energy consumption across versions of Windows and different hardware configurations and calculate how much money and energy can be saved from server virtualisation. The calculator can provide the information in different ways, for instance in terms of cars taken off the road.



The current version of the app is designed for a UK audience, but the cost of electricity in the app’s settings can be updated so that cost savings can be calculated in any currency. Further developments are expected.


Review:  The proliferation of apps on all sorts of mobile devices means that there are a variety of green applications becoming available on various platforms. (I’ve reported on a number of mobile apps in the past – see here and here for examples).

This one, though, is specifically focussed on green IT. It gives users a quick, convenient (and free) way to measure and compare different PC and server configurations. It’s not going to save the planet, but it might at least help more people understand the energy used by their current PCs and servers and what could potentially be saved.

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