Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Green IT Review – last orders

For more than five years The Green IT Review has been keeping readers up to date with green ICT and cleantech market trends while demonstrating the opportunities for CSR operations to make their organisations more sustainable. During that time 1,375 posts have been published generating almost half a million page views (according to Google’s blog statistics).

Direct page views are currently running at around 15,000 a month, with blog posts also regularly republished on other sites. As well as online readers there are 800 subscribers receiving the daily emails. The associated Twitter feed (@GreenITReview) has over 550 followers and items are frequently re-tweeted.

Twitter - Jim

There is significant potential to grow the blog either as a broader, stand-alone information service or in support of an existing sustainable ICT/cleantech business. If you are interested in acquiring The Green IT Review, email me at info@thegreenitreport.com.

Hopefully The Green IT Review will return and continue to help push the ICT and sustainability agenda, but meanwhile there may be a slight pause ….. 

Pete Foster

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