Sunday, 28 July 2013

Green IT Review has a new Editor and Publisher

Welcome everybody. My name is Graeme Philipson, and I am the new editor and publisher of The Green IT Review. Pete Foster started the publication five years ago and has done a fabulous job, but now he wants to enjoy the fruits of semi-retirement.

Pete and I have worked together for a few years. We co-authored a book on the subject (‘The Fundamentals of ICT Sustainability’) and we have worked together on a few Green IT projects. I don’t want to change what Pete has done, but build upon it.

So, who am I? I am based in Australia, and have worked all around the world. I have started or edited a dozen different ICT publications, and I have been a research director at Gartner and couple of its competitors.

My company Connection Research developed the ICT Sustainability Framework (formerly known as the Green IT Framework), and the ICT Sustainability Index (ITSx), which is a quantitative benchmarking tool for Green IT. The ITSx is the methodology used by Fujitsu for its ‘Global ICT Sustainability Index’ report, for which we have done the primary research for the last three years.

In my work as a journalist and analyst I have written scores of articles and reports on the subject, and spoken at many conferences round the world. Green IT is an important subject close to my heart, and I am extremely irritated that it is not treated with more seriousness by more people.

My research has led me to the strong belief that the main reason for this is that most ICT departments do not have responsibility for the energy they consume. When they do, and the energy consumption of ICT equipment is included in their budget, they become real adherents. Funny about that. Energy costs are not going down, and organisations are increasingly waking up to the fact that ICT consumes an enormous amount of energy.

I have some ideas for the Green IT Review. Big ideas, in fact. But, like any publication, it is driven by its readers. Please drop me a line with any thoughts you might have one how we can improve it and make it better suit your needs.

Graeme Philipson

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  1. Congratulations on your new role.

    Your research into green IT reflects our own research. In 2013, we surveyed IT managers - 84 per cent per cent of respondents came from UK higher education, further education and secondary schools. Our survey found a lack of priority around energy-based cost savings - with respondents suggesting this was because ‘cost-savings are not returned to my department’ [27 per cent of respondents making this claim]. By way of example, Loughborough University’s use of our own Verismic Power Manager has returned £60,000 over the past two years to the facilities team’s budget, not IT. My belief is that in the short-term, IT managers must take a broader, corporate wide view of cost-savings, but long-term cross department working to transfer cost savings could be the answer to enabling greater adoption of power management technologies.