Tuesday, 30 July 2013

UK Government releases second Green IT report

The UK Government has released ‘Greening Government: ICT Annual Report’. It is its second annual report into the effectiveness of Government Green IT.

  •  The average green IT maturity score (see below) has improved from 2.4 to 2.9 in the year since the first report. The Government target is to meet level 3 by 2015.
  •  Four Government departments have endorsed the EU’s Code of Conduct for Data Centres. “Defra is currently working to design guidance for buyers on effective practice for procuring energy efficient data centre services and ensuring sustainability has a high profile in contract management for the increasing number of cloud hosting services being used.”
  • Recycling and reducing waste - The Government Procurement Service (GPS) offers organisations a method for recycling IT assets. “The GPS agreement was used to dispose of 66,448 items, of which 33,514 were resold, generating £405,881.68. A further 8738 items were able to be donated, further reducing the items sent for disposal.”
  • Public service delivery. In the last year the Government Digital Service published the Government Digital Strategy. “This was followed by the publication of individual digital strategies by Government departments. These strategies are fundamental to shifting Government’s approach to interacting with citizens and businesses.”
The report says that over the last year GDU (Green IT Delivery Unit) member departments have delivered “significant improvements in reporting and success measures. In particular qualitative tools such as the green IT maturity assessment have proved successful by introducing a consistency of approach and a common vocabulary.”

The Government’s Green IT Maturity Model

Fifteen departments completed the maturity assessment this year, an increase of three from last year. The following graphics are therefore based on percentages rather than counts of departments.

“The governance of technology across government is currently being reviewed to ensure it enables teams building digital services and supporting technology to interact effectively,” says the report. “As part of this, the green IT agenda will develop a clear link to the cross-government discussions coordinated by the Government Digital Service.

“The outcomes of this review will also support our aim to broaden skills and capability across the civil service. While this work is primarily focused on IT, we will also explore the linkages to broader sustainability activity in government.”

The report also contains a number of case studies.

Green implementation has been struggling in the UK Government for some time. Now it seems we may be getting somewhere.

Graeme Philipson

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